Satire an extraordinary word which comes from the irony of ones laughter to your comment. Full of ridicule and derision of correcting ones mistake. Making fun of someones tragedy. Satire can often be funny but sometimes might be taking out of proportion depending on how the individual takes it. Comments usually making the victim feel dumb.

Taylor Mali makes a good point in his passage "The impotence of proofreading." He basically satirizes the new way of fixing mistakes witch commonly happens while typing. Its not quite often accurate. Mali makes fun of check spelling by mixing up words from the passage that sound or are spell almost the same just like it happens when spell check gives us the incorrect word. Mali work only designed to ridicule the subject. He dislike the way it works. His opinion is that it will stop students from accomplishing there goals in school or getting challenged enough for college. A very lazy way of getting work done, Sleezy street he said. One funny quote I remember from the quote was when Mali said his dream was going to Harvard, Jail, or Prison instead of Yale and Princeton. Or even when he said his teacher read my entire paper on A Sale of Two Tittiesout loud to all of my assmates instead of classmates now that one actually made me laugh.

Major slut spill has to be one of he funniest thing i have ever seen. The thought of somebody coming up with this is crazy but some what true when hoes get loose theirs no knowing what to do. Its also funny how you make a video full of satire. They basically make sluts feel dwarfish like if they had an empty brain. Onion basically tries to prove a point that sluts are usually alcoholics. The lack of clothes these "lady's" seemed like if they all got together and ripped part of a curtain and placed it on them selves. Ana Gentry news reporter talked about the sluts like if they were some type of disease saying things like don't touch them out might have slut syndrome. She also told Brian Scott another news reporter to watch out if the go in the river thinking its a jacuzzi, supposedly freaky things might happen there. I think they trying to show us he life of girls who party a lot ones you would usually see on t.v everyday. Shows like MTV and VH1 are usually the ones responsible for this but it is what makes the show a great success. I mean whats better then watching sluts all day half naked in a jacuzzi? I guess as long as there is success you can do anything.

Satire is often a mode of writing introduced into various literary forms; it is only a genre when it is the governing principle of a work. "Advise to youth" 1988 by Mark Twain is quite funny. He basically doing the opposite of what us as kids are told to do. Mark Twain makes fun the way our parents correct us in our everyday life. For example when he said "If a person offend you, and you are in doubt as to whether it was intentional or not, do not resort to extreme measures; simply watch your chance and hit him with a brick". Or even when he said Always obey your parents, when they are present in other words when there not do whatever you want. Sometimes i wonder if Mark Twain will be a parent or not, just kidding. Funny how he acts like a full screwing up the idea the minority has on the youth sort of like he saying they have young ones on a leash leash. I admire what he saying to bad after reading the short passage i had to face reality with rules.

A British ‘resident’ held at Guantanamo Bay was identified as a terrorist after confessing he had visited a ‘joke’ website on how to build a nuclear weapon. His name was Binyam Mohamed A former UK asylum seeker, admitted to having read the ‘instructions’ on how to make a H-BOMB on a "joke" website. He was beaten but the U.S and tortured for being mistaken as a AL Querida terrorist. There huge mistake was thinking he was a major terrorist as opposed to a London janitor. Funny isn't. Or maybe when they sent the news up the line to the White House, which is when the paranoia kicked in. They authorized the “enhanced interrogation techniques” against Binyam, including the rendition which is how the found out he was a janitor from London of course instead of a terrorist. During his eight-year imprisonment, Mohamed has allegedly been flown to secret torture centers in Pakistan, Morocco, an American-run jail known as the Dark Prison near Kabul in Afghanistan and, finally, to Guantanamo Bay. Where maybe i am guessing he was forced to sweep the floor and clean toilets. They satirized him and only left him with the excuse that they didn't know. So i guess that was suppose to cover up for all the torture they put him through.

Everybody should be careful for what they ask for. Or they might just end up with a lil more than what they asked for, If you know what i mean. In this image we all know the ending is not pretty. This picture is full with satire. Basically makes the man in the image seem like a big fool.
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