Linear text is a very big part of life. It has made history and its used around the world. It's a big part of our communication. Digital text is an easy way to communicate with people from all around the world. Text is linear when written on paper. Digital text is different. It's flexible, movable, above all hyper text can link about anywhere.

The video shown in my assignment is taking us back to how everything got started. How change has developed us and helped us progress further throughout life. It's showing us how we have develop as a community and many ways in which people can contact each other. I can find out what is going on around the world. I can now check the weather and read the news. The key is it delivers news and information. It also brings news about politics and entertainment. It's a very smart technology one of the reasons why is that while the machine is teaching us we are also teaching it. I see every time we see digital text or research something whatever it was, the researches stays there whether it was wrong or right. It learns from our mistakes.

Many early websites were written in HTML. HTML was structure of a web document. It includes stylistic elements. Such elements defined how content would be formatted. Form and content became inseparable in HTML. That's not the case with digital text now form and content can be separated. XML was designed just for that. Title doesn't define the form anymore. It defines the content. Same with link and description as I mentioned earlier, Which means that now the data can be exported. It's free of formatting constrains and virtually all the other elements in this document. form and content are separated. Users don't need to know codes which are very stressful in some cases to upload contents to the web. Form and content are more connected to the digital world of writing and reading. Now we have an easier and more exciting way of reading and writing.

This was very special how people can use all different type of sources to communicate with each other. Many different websites use things like a blog and even some allow the user to make videos. I can now express myself in a type of way I never could have before. I can see and read about many people and I might be lucky and actually have things in common with them or see what a wonderful sense of humor they have through the videos. For example youtube is a very famous site which allows me to make videos about whatever I want unless its not proper for the users to see it and publish it. Many families make videos of their everyday life or a special moment in their life. Their are many other websites such as myspace and facebook that allow people to express themselves in many ways it's another way to stay in contact with our old friends and keep track on how their life is going. I can see pictures videos and many variety of different things I can do. Every time we post a blog or picture we teach the machine. Even when we forget a link we teach it an idea it feeds information off of us. This is how writing has evolved throughout the years.

Digital world is changing writing, thinking, reading, learning, rethinking schools, and our life as I discovered from the video and the article. We need a new way of learning one we can enjoy and help us throughout life. The U.S Department of Commerce ranked 55 industries sector by their level of I.T intensiveness. This is a big call for help. Technology has been giving us a new way of learning. One that will actually interest us in leaning in a type of way we are seeking. Many people learn and get educated not in school but after school though the internet weather its there computer or there phone. Information we take out of the internet teaches us as well as we teach the technology. I believe the department of education should bring this way of learning into our school. I'm pretty sure I am not the only one who agrees with this suggestion. This statement explains why, " Today's child is bewildered when he enters the 19th century that still characters the educational establishment where information is scarce but ordered and structure by fragmented, classified patterns subjects, and schedules". Many students are upset and dislike how things are going. They are hoping that technology will save their education and give them a big boost.

One important lesson we learned about this video is that now we could rethink about school and what is best for us. We now have a new way of learning and its a big part of our community. It's a very successful technology and proves to us we don't have to be bored caught up in chair thinking about what time class is going to end. Now we have unlimited resources that we can find information and help us out in school. It's a fun new way to learn without any regrets or stress. We have to get together and make this happen the more schools use this way of learning the more successful we all become and a brighter future we will have. Many think technology alone can save us.

This is going to help me a lot though out life because I'm also having many trouble trying to learn what's right to me. Sometimes I feel like I'm reading things that doesn't have to necessarily do with my life. It feels like I gather up so much ready just to get a small information from it. This is all going to change and will no longer be part of my future. My future will have a more serious and and educated element I will find the right resources to gather the information I need. Technology is calling our names we use it all the time and as it teaches us we teach it. All we need to do now is use that technology to make smart choices, the choices that will help us out to come successful now and later on our future.
© Francis Delacruz 2009