Irony has many different meanings. Some of those are verbal, dramatic and sometimes even situation. All these have different meanings. For example verbal irony is when an author says one thing and means something else and dramatic irony is when an audience perceives something that a character in the literature does not know. Irony of situation is a discrepancy between the expected result and actual results. These are all the different meanings of irony.

Irony has existed in my life many times. In many cases when I first meet people I have being thought to be something that i wasn't. Many times they think I am something that I am not. Reason why this happens I think is because I am humble but once they get to meet meet they notice they had me all figured out wrong. What they expected of me wasn't the actual results they saw of me once they got to know me. This is related to the irony of situation.

"Richard Cory" by Edwin Arlington Robinson was a poem full of irony. Richard Cory was a very intelligent rich man. He was a gentlemen from soul to crown. He was very slim and and always looked clean. Many people wish they lived the life he had. He always smiled and said "good morning" but there was a major twist to this. One quite summer Richard Cory went home and put a bullet in his head. That was the last line of the poem and it was very surprising. The last thing that went though my head was that he was going to kill himself. This goes to show that the ones that you think are doing better then you in life are not and money is not everything in life. This poem surprised me but not at any point did it shock me reason why is because all it said is how his appearance looks and how rich and bright he is. Many people in life hide there true feelings they hide it so well sometimes you end up getting tricked into thinking there living a great life which its not true but this is not good cause they hide it so much one point they hit there boiling point and break which can lead to stress and even worse suicide. The funny thing about this poem is how much people envied the life he was living without knowing what he was really going through. Many people don't appreciate life and want things they don't need which is why I think many people envied him.

This poem is different from news items and newspaper in the form in which it is written. It doesn't go straight to the point. The poem shows me a little glimpse of his everyday life shows me how he use to act and his features. As for the news items and newspapers the usually get straight to the point and talks about the murder scene.

The poem "Richard Cory" had a very soft tone. It was if like it was going be a happy story about a healthy bright young man. Which not to say he wasn't but there was something definitely going on we didn't know about something happening behind close doors. What led me into thinking like this is when the poem started talking about how perfect he was and how much people looked up to him. Irony of situation is also created in this poem in a way which everybody had him confused and thought he was living a wonderful life which he wasn't. They thought he was gonna lead them to success and make a name for himself and maybe even for them but the outcome to this story was much different. The facts of this poem seem to be told by the prospective of the people who were around him, People he use to be around on a daily basis whom lived in the town with him.

"The Gift of The Magi" by O.HENRY was an extraordinary book. It's filled with irony and joy even tho it did take a lot of risk to reach true happiness. The story was about a couple who really cared about each other. They had to go trough some hard decisions sacrificing each others material to make each other happy on a Christmas day. There name were Della and Jim. Della only had one dollar and eighty seven cents which was way to little to buy Jim a gift. She had no idea what she was going to but whatever it was had to be fast. It had to be a special present something he wont forget. There was nothing clearly else to do but slouch down in her couch and think about how shes going to bring that true present to life. She really went though a lot thinking about this it even got to the point where she cries to the point where shes pail. Della finished her cry and attended to her cheeks with the powder rag. until Bella finally came to an conclusion suddenly she whirled from the window and stood before the glass. Her eyes were shining brilliantly, but her face had lost its color within twenty seconds. Rapidly she pulled down her hair and let it fall to its full length. She had an idea one she wasn't to sure about but she might have to do. Bella put on her old brown jacket and ran down the stairs. She ended up going to a place called "Mme Sofronie. Hair Goods of All Kinds." Della ran up the stairs, panting till she bumped in to a lady and asked her if she will buy her hair. Her name was Madame she asked her to take her hat off so she did her hair came down silky and shiny and it was only worth 20 dollars. Well at least that is the price Madame was asking for it. So Bella gave it her she cut it very short and wasn't to sure what Jim was going o think about it. So on went Bella she started ransacking stored looking for the right present for Jim present and she finally did it was a platinum fob chain simple and chaste in design, properly proclaiming its value by substance alone. Bella was pretty sure he would like it. When Bella and Jim finally see each other Bella was scared of what he was going to think about her hair and his reactions. Which weren't bad at it had Bella confused he had a face she never seine before but Jim was cool about it didn't bother him at all he just liked her cause of her personality not cause of her looks. When they should each other the presents they bout for one another they were both shocked especially Jim he really liked it he just put his hand in the back of his head and smiled, His asked to put the presents away because They're too nice to use just at present. This poem is full of dramatic Irony. The whole time Bella was worrying about how she was going to get Jim a present she finally figured out a way to get it done even if it met sacrificing her own hair. This really showed a lot of courage and love that she had for her Jim. While she was thinking nothing was going to be alright it was totally the opposite and everything turned out to be perfect.

The house that slaves built was a interesting passage. Its about history in the White House and how it has changed throughout the years. The White house was built by slaves and now its Barrack Obamas home.In 1801, a year after the White House opened, Thomas Jefferson moved in with nearly a dozen slaves from Monticello. Which was is home town. Those slaves where the one who built the White House. Today, more than 200 years later, Barack Obama has made history . He did the unthinkable and touched many people by accomplishing what he did. Many people thought to never see it come true many prayed and hoped it will, Seems like somebody answered there prayers. While Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt were president it was nearly impossible to allow any African American as a guest in the White House the most prominent black guest at the White House was abolitionist Frederick Douglass. He came three times while Abraham Lincoln was President, but his last visit was perhaps his most important. Now that doesn't mean the people where happy When President Theodore Roosevelt invited Booker T. Washington to a private dinner in 1901 The public was filled with anger and very disappointed due to the fact he was African American They wanted the White just to be for whites only. There are also many other president who did a lot to help African American though there struggle because of there presidents its a big reason why we have a wonderful and brilliant president that now is going to help us with our problems as a country we all thank him. Not to mention Lou Hoover President Franklin D. Roosevelt's wife, Eleanor, and Bess Abell for being brave and standing up for what they believe for and for doing what they did even if people criticized them They Helped many African American feel welcome to the White House just as Barrack Obama does now.
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