What is your favorite...? Family, My favorite thing about it is waking up and never forgetting how we as a family struggle and stay together no matter what happens.

actor/tress? My favorite actor is AL PACINO. Reason why is because he really gets into the role and you can see how he makes the character come to true.

music? My favorite music is rap. I feel like when i hear rap it brings back memory of my past or what i am going through.

sport? My favorite sport is boxing. The first time i entered the ring i felt like nobody could stop, filled with confidence and nothing else but a champ.

athlete? My favorite athlete is Mohammad Ali. He is the most talented athlete ever he inspires me to do what i do heat made out of steel.

food? My favorite food is whatever my mother cooks. She makes the best of everything wouldn't trade it for the world.

movie? My favorite movie is Scarface. AL PACINO plays the protagonist in this movie that being said he plays a poor mans like till he decides to f**ck the world and turn it up side down. Becoming a wealthy man. Brave and stubborn nobody could of stopped him.

car? My favorite car is the Audi a8, Its both classy and sporty.

color? My favorite color is red. This color sort of reminds me of struggle in life.

TV show? My favorite TV show is Sportcenter. It shows me small previews of what i missed in certain games.

pet? My favorite pet is a pitbull. Many people dislike this dog because its supposedly violent. My question is does it knock any better.

your favorite place on earth? My favorite place on earth is home. There is nothing like the fresh smell when you get home.

© Francis De la cruz 2009