We make choices all the time. There have been many occasions where i had to make hard decisions. I had many choices, Choices that would determine the results of my future. Deciding weather to do make the right decision is best for you can be quite difficult. Many times making the wrong choices can be better for you and might make things easier for you and not others. While making the right choices might mean sacrificing something of yours to make things right. One choice in particular that i made was when i transfer school. I had a choice to stay and graduate with my friends or come to a new school and start out fresh without knowing any one. So i decided to transfer it was the only way i was going to graduate on time.

"The road not taken" by Robert Frost. It has to do with making choices. The choices that had to be made was weather the the traveler was going to take the first road or the second road. The traveler decided he was going to take the second road. Witch he didn't know where it was going to lead him to. Reason why he took that road was because it was grassy and wanted wear. He knew he could only make one choice at a time. This wasn't a typical person there was something different about him he sees the world and whats around him in a different way. He admires his surroundings and rather go with changes to see the outcome. He made a rare choice. He took the road with less contact of travel. A road in which he didn't know where he was going. The choice in which others turn back on.

Some choices we make sometimes makes us think of what would of happened if we would of went the other direction and. All we have in mind is if you could go back but you cant is to late now you have to go with the decision you have made. The traveler stood long before he mad his choice a sense of thought to be making he stood there long deciding what road to take until he finally came to a conclusion. A lot of people base the question weather the poem should be named "The Road not Taken" or "The Road Taken". Now There is a few reasons why this poem is named the "The Road Not Taken", For example the choice he made is not really the choice many others will make. People usually take a road that they will know where it will lead them not one with less contact of travel. This message interrupts with the choices we've made. We all wonder if we could go back and chose again what would that be like.

This story brings me back to my choices and things i had to do to reach my goal or maybe even to reach a certain location. Sometimes its hard to wonder if iv made more right choices then wrong choices I really don't know but i most certainly know its now easy making choices especially when you don't know the consequences. This poem reflects the lives of so many people in many ways. Many people choice what ever looks more comfortable or what looks more like its right. Maybe even sometimes what makes more sense what is more in common but there is always those days we decide to think outside of the box and do something different. What i mean by that is make a choice we wouldn't usually make as in the traveler did in the book. Those are the choices we don't forget and even tho we might regret them when we don't we feel like sometimes if better of making those strange choices because while you make them you feel like your discovering another part of you, A part of you you barely ever feel so when you do you feel special.

"Dead End" by Rudolfo Anaya took place in a few places. A few of those places were Maria's house her school and Frankie Galvan car. This story was about a young girl with many responsibilities following her dreams with her mothers words to reminded her to make the right choices. The main characters in this story is Maria and Frankie they both had a major crush on each other. The only problem was they both lived a different life. Frankie's life was more about having fun, going to parties, drinking smoking while Maria was helping around in the house due to the fact she lost her mother. Her father was seldom home after the death of her mother. Once a week he gave Maria enough money to buy food for her and her younger brother and sister; otherwise, he returned only late at night. On weekends he was always gone. Maria was being troubled by some girls in school that were up to no good there names were Sandra and Denise they always wished the worst for Maria and she was to smart to be fooled by anyone. Maria was a plain girl who really didn't show of with clothes or attitude she was more about her education and taking care of the family. Now that her mom has past away she takes care of her little brother and sister with the little help of her father. Maria always wanted to be down but couldn't for the same reasons i mentioned she was to busy. She had a huge crush on Frankie, Once Frankie said high while on her way to the locker room. She skipped a heartbeat and said hi back. At one point in the story Frankie pulled up in front of Maria's house and she walked towards the car and left her little brother alone in the house he was a brave one who really looked up to Frankie. He was a young boy and was already leader of his gang. Maria got in the car and things got hot they started kissing after he finish his cigarette then tried to past it to Maria but she denied it she was a nonsmoker. Then he try to her high and she also denied she remember what her mother told her about her education and followed her words deeply. She ended going back home to her her regular self with more confidence a bright smile while she kissed him in his cheek.

We all make daily choices. Some of which sometimes we get stuck on even if its the easiest thing. This image above is about a cartoon making a choice in what to wear. He seemed undecided. For some reason it seems like he goes trough this decision every day, Many of us do some people find it very important to look good or maybe different. The choices being made in the photo can only be made by him. He has to feel good about what he wants to wear. This reminds me of me when i was younger. i always just stared at my closet to see what i was going to where. i never could repeat an outfit the same week.
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